To successfully export, you should have a basic understanding of how each of the following shipping documents is completed, why it is needed, and how it is used. However, it is not necessary that you become an “export documentation expert”. That is why you hire a forwarder who can process most documents at a reasonable cost.

With the exception of documents that you must sign and provide as the exporter, ask your forwarder to complete as many forms as they can on your behalf. You have more profitable things to do with your time than spend long hours filling out international shipping forms.

International Services

Courier Service

Door-to-door express services for non-dutiable (documents) shipments. One to two-day transit to most major cities worldwide at competitive prices.

International Express Cargo

Time-critical material is driven directly to the airport and consigned to the first available flight out.

International Standard

For shipments where regular international service is sufficient, this cost-effective option includes air transportation to any worldwide destination on a timely basis.

International Remail

A Globof representative picks up your mail and delivers it to the local Globof Remail Center. From there, your mail is sorted and sent via airlines to the proper international channels, and delivered days earlier than it would be normally.

Delivery Duty Paid

Globof will pick up your shipment from any location you desire and deliver it to any destination worldwide. Our network of overseas agents clears shipments through customs and delivers them directly to the consignee’s door. All clearance, delivery, duty and taxes can be billed back to you at your request.